"Although Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises is my business, I truly enjoy being able to give others a taste of the same joy as I feel every time I'm out on the water in my boat. The personal side is what makes it all worthwhile!"

Peter Brady, Owner/Captain,
The Gael Force

We invite you to read the testimonials received from guests who have joined us on board The Gael Force and we look forward to being able to serve you in the same manner!

Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises, operated by a true Irishman (Peter Brady), is a great way to see the lake! The taxi will pick you up where ever you are staying on the lake, making it very convenient. The boat has a plenty of room to store drinks and/or food for your cruise. From a family cruise around the lake to a romantic sunset cruise with a loved one, this cruise can accommodate any occasion. I loved the fact that we could bring wine and spirits. Peter himself has been in Canada since the 70's which makes for great information about the province and the lake. From my personal experience, I have to admit, from a client service standpoint, Peter was the best at it...nice and accommodating. He even went as far as shipping a logo hat to my son, who wasn't even on the cruise when we went this May. We are Irish ourselves and really liked his logo on his hat and the boat and we just KNEW our boy would love it. We wanted to buy one, but Peter insisted on shipping it to the States for us at no cost! He had it sized and everything for our Micky! Amazing! Best experience I have had; with great service and outstanding follow through! Thank you Peter! We appreciate you!

Jennifer F, Riverdale, Utah

We were looking for a way to explore the lake and Peter's boat was the perfect solution. An excellent host and tour guide took us to see the highlights and hidden secrets all while we relaxed in comfort. I highly recommend using Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises to see the beauty and offerings of lake Okanogan.

K &A , Edmonton, Alberta

Just a quick note to thank Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises (KWTC) for your hospitality last evening. After a golf day in West Kelowna, we hired KWTC to pick 7 of us up in Peachland to go downtown Kelowna. We asked the owner/operator, Peter, to drive the boat as fast as possible, and wow, did we have to hold on tight! We pre-booked Peter for the ride back to Peachland. It was awesome and this type of water taxi is a long time coming for Kelowna. Nice to utilize the lake to get where we want to go and especially to view the city at night from the water. Thanks again Peter.

Gordon, Airdrie, Alberta

Peter picked us up at the Eldorado Hotel and brought us for a cruise along the lake. We wanted somewhere secluded to swim that was safe for our 3 small children (7, 5, 3 years). Peter knew just the spot and we pulled up to a beautiful quiet inlet. There was a rocky beach that we swam to after jumping off the boat. The kids loved wading/swimming in the water and skipping rocks. Just a few short feet away, the parents had the opportunity to cliff jump (scary but so much fun!). It was such a beautiful afternoon. We used the boat as our home base while we explored the lovely surroundings. After driving up our appetite, we swam back to the boat where we cooked up our burgers on the boat! Peter had the barbecue ready and a table set up for us. It was an amazing afternoon. We loved just spending time on the water with great access to adventures for everyone. Our kids loved it and talk all the time about how fun jumping off the boat was! If you are looking for an activity to do with the kids, that is still relaxing for the parents, this would be our suggestion! We travel to Kelowna every summer and that day is the highlight of all our trips combined!!

P & G, Alberta

I was traveling on business with 2 colleagues and Peter Brady of Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises transferred us from the Manteo Resort to the Cactus Club Cafe by boat. It was so amazing and exciting to be picked up at the hotel dock and taken by water to our destination. He drove us out in the lake so we could have great photo opportunities and was very charming and helpful and knowledgeable about the area. Can't wait to go back to Kelowna and either get another water-transfer or take an evening cruise with my husband. Thank you Peter!!

J.D. Brumell

Well, what can I say? The setting is certainly lovely – no doubt. The boat is classic – powerful, fresh, fast. Nice touch. But these can be found anywhere – almost. What makes this different? Cap’n Peter. And the others on board, the interaction, the fun, the camaraderie –that is what makes a day event like this worth it. Not the toys, not the toys. Despite all of my ribbing to Cap’n Peter and the guests trying to get their goats, and I had an oil tanker's worth for an hour, Peter took it in stride with cheerfulness, good nature, a certain element of joy and sheer fun – he gave it right back and had the others in gales of laughter and happiness. I could not break this guy. Peter 1; Dave 1 – all tied up. Good, great, clean fun. Suddenly the trip in a nice toy, a nice setting became one of those events that states; “I would come back again, anytime, anywhere. It was that good.”

Dave - West Kelowna, BC

A chance to get out on Lake Okanagan, enjoy the sun, the wind, the clean smell of the water... what a way to enjoy the best of the Okanagan Valley! Hiring Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises is different than other cruising opportunities on large boats...a completely personal experience meant for small groups to enjoy at an extremely reasonable cost. I highly recommend it to anyone - intimate groups of friends, families, colleagues.... it's great for everyone!

Doris, Kelowna, BC

I had a lovely time out on Gael Force! I was surprised to see all of the added features on this type of boat that I was not expecting! (Such as a mini washroom, tables and a sink on deck!) Peter was a fantastic captain, and I think this is a service that we need in the Okanagan. Best of luck to you!

Laura, Kelowna, BC