These rates are applicable 7 days a week from 8 am – 8 pm - from April 1st to September 30th each year.


  • Our point-to-point rates apply to the boat load, maximum 9 passengers.
  • Our Water Taxi service is per private customer - whether you are 1 person or more, we do not add anyone else to your group.
  • Our Water Taxi rates are based on a one-way trip from Location A to Location B, or from Location B to Location A, with no drop-offs in between. Have a special request? Please feel free to call us at 250-864-9448 to discuss your needs.
  • All posted Water Taxi Rates are calculated on a speed of 26 knots (48 km/hour), a comfortably fast ride but not "full throttle". However, for those who want that extra thrill and who agree to pay for the extra gas needed for a "full throttle" experience, we will calculate the extra cost based on whatever portion of the ride was a "thrill of a lifetime"!

Water Taxi Pick-Up /Drop-Off Points

  • Downtown Kelowna to West Harbor - - $148.00 – private - for residents only
  • Downtown Kelowna to Eldorado Hotel - $170.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Casa Loma Resort - $216.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Frind Estate Winery - $255.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Westbank Yacht Club $280.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Cove Lakeside Resort - $327.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Peachland - $442.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Naramata Yacht Club - $752.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa - $720.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Peach Orchard Beach Summerland - $640.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Penticton - $900.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to McKinley Landing - $240.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Okanagan Beach Resort/Tiki Bar - $322.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Secret Point www.kelownacottage.com - $361.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Carrs Landing - $490.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to La Casa Resort $522.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Fintry Provincial Park - $545.00
  • Downtown Kelowna to Vernon - $786.00

IMPORTANT NOTICE: due to rising fuel costs, all pricing is subject to change, but we will notify you prior to your booking date should it become necessary to apply any price increases.

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